Italian furniture

Maple wood furniture

Decorative advantages of maple wood have been known to furniture makers for a very long time. The incomprehensible mystery of this material lies in the game of color. A soft, but very dense texture that resembles silk has a special attraction.


Maple sawnwood can have a variety of patterns.



This tree responds vividly to the growing conditions:

  • soil features;
  • wind attacks;
  • climatic effects.

In addition, the smallest beetle that settles in the bark leaves its unique traces in its structure.

Our task is to preserve carefully this natural identity. All veins in professional hands acquire a special attraction. In the production departments, wood is treated with antiseptics, so in the output it becomes a perfect material with a unique wavy pattern.


Mysterious ornaments

If a maple has irregularities outside, then they necessarily reflect in its internal structure.

Typically you can meet these ornaments:

  • "bird's eye";
  • iridescent color pattern;
  • marble texture.

A pattern in the form of a "bird's eye" can be seen in the luxurious plumage of the royal peacocks and in maplewood. So ordered mother nature - the most enigmatic patterns are repeated in it in different forms.

In practice, the "bird's eye" in the maple texture appears due to the disproportionate growth of different areas or damage to the bark. Wood, marked with a mysterious "bird's eye", finds its embodiment in unique furniture projects.


An iridescent color pattern is not less attractive. It is formed in the lowest part of the trunk. It is at the roots that a spontaneous growth of young growth occurs, which sensitively perceives all external cataclysms of nature.

Fragments, consonant with the texture of natural marble, are also found in maple wood. Dark irregular lines with unclear outlines and fuzzy geometries, which are so characteristic of a noble stone, are also seen there.

In natural conditions, these irregularities arise due to fungi or because of the vital activity of woodworm beetles. Natural wood absorbs all the stages of formation, like marble does. Our masters polish and grind natural wood, bringing it to the highest degree of resemblance with marble.