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Discounts for ashwood furniture

The furniture of the room, made of ash, creates an amazing effect. On the one hand, it has an unusual lightness, not inherent in oak or beech furniture, on the other - there is a glossy chic, which can hardly be achieved using pine or birch as a furniture material. Whichever style is chosen for the design basis, the result will always be similar only to itself. Carpenters work with ash wood very willingly. The mysterious power of this tree was noticed by the ancient Scandinavians, who noticed its unusual texture, density, color and a special aura under its crown. Today’s modernity and new stylistic approaches, more than ever, need certain half-tones, white Scandinavian wood skillfully plays on.

Ask the ash


A durable material with excellent physical properties, perfectly suitable for the manufacture of any furniture and its decoration:

  • can withstand heavy loads, thanks to its impressive weight and hardness;
  • practically does not crack;
  • resistant to strokes;
  • perfectly lend itself to milling, planing, sawing, grinding, polishing, allowing to create a variety of shapes and perfectly smooth surface;
  • practically does not give shrinkage.

Ashen heartwood body with a wide sapwood

The greenish-brown core smoothly passes into the subcortical layer. The subcorrosion is yellowish or pinkish. Annual rings are clearly visible on the end or longitudinal section. The early spring zone of wood is permeated with large vessels. At the end they complement the annular pattern with a small pincer, the size of needle piercing, which looks like a dashed groove in the longitudinal section. The late zone is somewhat darker. The front cracks on it are lighter and scattered with small sprays.

The decorative component of this type of wood is so expressive that it leaves no chance even for very expensive analogues. Such a texture wins over with its filigree. The contrast effect of the natural pattern increases with a deep penetration of the paint and varnish coating through the vascular pores. It is important to preserve this unique feature without spoiling it with unnecessary processing.

Originality, gifted by nature itself

Ashen furniture does not need additional embellishment. The classical approach to design, laconic forms, natural tones with a rich palette increase its artistic value. At the same time, the plastic and strength properties of ash are suitable for the execution of frameworks of ornate shape, luxurious veneers and even carved decor.

Furnishing from ash:

  • supports the ecological concept;
  • emphasizes the unhurried comfort of the room and the impeccable taste of its owner;
  • practical in care;
  • absorbs strong noises;
  • preserves heat;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • universal;
  • serves more than a decade;
  • has expensive and respectable look.



Wood of solar Scandinavian types leaves a lot of space and light indoors, without making interior heavy. At the same time, it emphasizes the solidity of the environment where it is easy to breathe, to rest and to think. A healthy atmosphere inspires creativity and pleasant communication. Ash - the choice of free-thinking and extraordinary people!

The “Sagrande” factory provides discounts of 10% on kitchens and wardrobes from solid ash!