Italian furniture


What materials is the hull made of?

Case furniture are made of laminated chipboard thickness of 16 mm, on the sides of particleboard paste PVC edge of thickness 1 mm. it is Possible to manufacture visible parts of the hull from veneer particle Board or MDF with painting them in the colors of the main facades. For furniture of premium class we offer fabrication of all the body from MDF or chipboard with veneer coating in a selected color. The back wall is made of HDF.

What kind of wood are the facades made of?

We work with an array of beech, maple, ash, oak and walnut. Attention: Wood is a natural material and can not be uniform in color, structure and porosity. Samples of wood can only be conditionally regarded as mandatory.

We would like to discuss long-term cooperation?

You can contact us at the telephone number listed on the website or fill window "to Order a design project," and we'll call you.


What finishing materials are you using?

We use only quality paints Italian manufacturer Sayerlack. These materials make sure the reliability of the furniture, meet the modern requirements of finishing materials

Any veneer can be used for the manufacture of furniture facades?

We work with all types of veneers available on the market the company Woodstock. Veneer this company is environmentally friendly, variety, texture and aesthetic appeal.

How much time do you need to fulfill the order?

25 to 45 working days. The terms of execution of orders for exclusive products, agreed when placing the order. If You have any more questions, please write to our address we with pleasure will answer them.