Italian furniture



Our company is interested in long-term cooperation with designers, design studios and architects. We are focused on development and we are ready to work with any of the regions of Russia and the near abroad.

  • Our qualification and production capabilities allow us to take into account the design decisions as much as possible, to approach the issue of manufacturing furniture in a complex way.
  • We are open to new projects, and every day we learn something new.
  • We are mastering new technologies, using modern materials.
  • We closely follow the innovations of the leading European furniture manufacturers.
  • We are ready to demonstrate to you in practice our capabilities.

We invite designers and architects who offer their customers European-quality furniture, but trust the Russian production at the same time.

We guarantee the production of high quality furniture within the agreed time.

We offer our partners flexible terms of cooperation and take into account their business interests. In order to clarify the conditions, please contact us by phone or per e-mail or submit an application, and our managers will contact you.


We offer for sale in your salons a wide range of kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes and other interior items. You can explore our products in the "Collections" section.

We offer our partners mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, a flexible discount system and additional discounts on exhibition samples.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or per e-mail. You can also “submit an application”, and our managers will contact you.