Italian furniture

The newest technologies of furniture production


Furniture business, not equipped with modern woodworking equipment in combination with manual work of a high level of skill, is doomed to defeat in competition.

This is due not only to the fact that modern automatic machines can create wooden components of furniture of high quality and without any reject, but because equipment can do such operations for a fraction of a minute or even a second, helping the experienced carpenter to make highly functional furniture with handmade elements for less time. Accordingly, the organization, equipped with the latest technology, will be able to produce and sell more quality products, thereby ensuring a stable development.

The company "Sagrande" is one of those furniture domestic production, where quality furniture manufacturing is established on the newest high-precision woodworking equipment from Europe. In addition, the company constantly implements advanced technologies, which makes it possible to speed up the process of furniture production, to exclude any reject and to improve the quality of finished products even more.

Our technologies

In addition to the standard technology for any wood processing we have implemented:

CAD design

Modern designers and designers of furniture must necessarily own modern CAD systems, as well as three-dimensional graphic editors. So to design furniture, taking into account all factors of construction - both element-wise and in whole in two-dimensional or three-dimensional projection.

Work of designers and engineers is reduced to three-dimensional designing, programming of woodworking machines and the subsequent assembly of components of a product in a single whole. All the rest will be made automatically, significantly increasing the efficiency of production.

Bent wood facades with the use of veneer inlay elements

Strict geometry is liked not by all people so far. Some buyers gravitate to the smooth and elegant forms that allow you to create a more harmonious or even futuristic environment in the room. To create such furniture products, bent facade technology is used, which is created by a master furniture maker through the use of special templates and a machine for gluing and fixing boards in a bent state.

Woodworking on CNC machine tools

This technology is also referred to as 2-3D sharp. It involves wood processing (milling) of solid wood and MDF on a special machine, which is programmed using a 3D drawing created in the CAD editor on the computer. Such machines allow you to mill parts so finely and precisely, even the master-mahogany worker is not capable of.

Carved decors and stucco moldings

Items of furniture decorated with carved elements can transform the interior beyond recognition. The work on making carved wooden decor requires special skill. For the manufacture of wood carved decor, wood of beech and oak, ash and maple, and also MDF is mainly used. Decorative elements for each project are made on 3D equipment or manually, depending on the complexity of the element. Cutted products are polished and hand-finished.


Gilding means the manual application of potassium, both on decorative elements and stucco, and on other elements of furniture. This is a very laborious and tidy work, which requires a lot of attention and concentration, because each step is important for the final result, starting from the preparation of the surface and the application of the glue to the application of potassium and lacquer.