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Quality of solid wood furniture

Quality of solid wood furniture

Solid wood is the most suitable material for making furniture products. Even though manufacturers have learnt to make cheap and practical furniture from compressed wood chips, glued sheets of plywood, polymers, and also glass and metals, all these materials have not been able to drive the solid wood out of the leading positions in the furniture market. And this is not surprising, because the products from solid wood have a lot of unique features.

Reliability and durability

The main advantage of furnishing items made of wood is their durability. This is due to both the natural characteristics of the wood, and some properties that carpenters attach to it during processing. Oils, contained in solid wood, in combination with stains and varnishes, give resistance against negative effects of moisture, putrefaction, mold and sunlight to all of the furniture products from the solid wood. Also, this material withstands heavy weight and mechanical loads. If high-quality solid wood is used to create a furniture product, this wood can last more than 50 years without losing its magnificent appearance and original properties.

Ecological compatibility

A single tree is a natural and environmentally friendly material that does not contain any harmful components. Therefore, furniture made from it can be used without any fear in the kitchen or in the nursery.

Timeless design

Mostly classical furniture is produced from solid wood, and this style does not lose its relevance even after tens of years. As an example, we can cite beautiful examples of pre-revolutionary furniture that were inherited from generation to generation, serving as the main decoration of the house and increasing every year in value. If a furniture product made of solid wood is created by a talented craftsman, who has thoroughly worked on its style, it will never become obsolete.


It’s necessary to underscore the high aesthetics of solid wood. The varnished wood pattern looks beautiful, noble and expensive. According to one external appearance, the outside observer can understand that there is not simple furniture made of a particle board in front of him, but a product of elite class.

Easy to change

Solid wood is easily repairable and repainted. Therefore, if the owner gets bored of the furniture from solid wood, he can simply polish the wooden surface, cover it with a new varnish and change the accessories and some decorative elements. Thus, the piece of furniture can be completely transformed, so it will please the owner with its new look. The purchase of such furniture is a good way to decorate and transform the interior.

Custom-built manufacture of furniture from a solid wood

The furniture factory "Sagrande" is one of the few domestic enterprises that creates elite furniture from solid wood. We use valuable wood species with high aesthetic and strength properties, as well as fittings manufactured by famous world brands. Our furniture products are manufactured according to ready-made projects or by individual design, which is developed on the basis of the wishes and requirements of the customer.

A high level of product quality is achieved through the use of European woodworking equipment, which is operated by the true professionals.