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About new trends. News from the company Sagrande.


The modern Russian elite furniture market is subject to the same development rules as the world market. Domestic furniture makers closely monitor changes in trends and fashion trends, after what they make appropriate adjustments to their products, offering decor items to customers that will correspond to the spirit of the times.

Unusual colors

To help the furniture owner to create a fashionable interior, furniture designers use such trendy colors and shades as:

Natural shades

The novelty of the season is a soft blue or turquoise color of the sea, a mild blue, pastel green or gray. And it is not necessary to make these unusual colors dominant in the interior, because they can be diluted with other décor items.

Colored inserts

Fashion for acid and bright colors is a thing of the past, but in order to bring liveliness to the interior, designers can use colored inserts to create a color gradient or contrast between furniture products.

Black and White

Despite the conservatism, black and white colors in the coming years will still remain a trend. It’s true they are more often used in a rather unusual way, varnishing the surface of furniture not with a glossy, but a dense matte layer.

Traditional brown colors are appropriate only in the case of strict classical furniture.

Design and shapes

The main trend in the furniture industry is the geometric design and deliberate ease of construction. The time of ornate decorative elements and massive, heavy-looking furniture gradually gives way to a tendency towards ease, openness, minimalism and visual unloading of space.

For those who still gravitate toward the classics, designers offer a slightly modified provence, which, with apparent ease, offers the owner an artsy design, not overloaded with decorative elements. Such furniture is becoming more popular with those who are not ready to change the usual classical style to something cardinal, but at the same time wants to significantly transform the interior of the room.

Furniture, that corresponds to all fashion trends

The best choice to make the product corresponding to all fashion trends of the current season or the last few years, is to order its creation to the furniture designers of the company "Sagrande". The master artist will visit the customer's house or office, make measurements and listen to the wishes of the client, and then create a sketch from his words on the basis of which a working project will be created. Such a project will make furniture maximally fashionable and suitable for the interior of the owner's home.

Also, the company holds an exhibition of ready-made works, that can be visited by any potential customer to select furniture from existing options, that are made in a variety of style solutions.