Italian furniture

Furniture of European quality


Even in prerevolutionary Russia there were several hundred furniture manufactories, factories and large enterprises that produced high-quality products. Therefore, it was in no way inferior to the European, and it resembled more masterpieces of art than ordinary household objects. This was explained quite simply: this furniture was produced from high-quality wood by talented craftsmen with experience of studying abroad on advanced carpentry equipment purchased in Europe.

In the USSR, the quality of furniture products deteriorated significantly, which was the fault: the mass and low production culture, the use of cheap and low-quality raw materials and accessories, as well as the lack of original design, have spread widely. Therefore, to purchase aesthetic and non-typical furniture items, people turned to private craftsmen in small carpentry shops where they could order beautiful and high-quality products.

It was in these workshops that the former art of furniture production in modern Russia was revived. In these places, several dozens of enthusiasts and experienced furniture makers gathered and organized small production, using quality materials and equipment purchased in the West, as well as non-trivial design developments. Due to this, they could make a worthy competition to foreign brands. The company "Sagrande" has passed this way: from the studio to one of the most authoritative domestic furniture companies.

European approach to the creation of furniture

To achieve the current situation in the domestic furniture market, the manufacturer of "Sagrande" uses a European approach to product development. Such an approach implies next steps:

Purchase of European technological equipment

In the countries of Europe, automatic woodworking equipment is manufactured, which makes it possible to produce wooden components with filigree precision and without any rejection. Such a machine grinds and processes the part with precision, which is not available even for an experienced carpenter. Due to this, all parts have a design size and fit tightly to each other.

Selection of experienced carpenters

Professional carpenters with experience in high-tech equipment, talented finishers of solid wood and MDF products, as well as designers working in graphic editors, ensure a high level of production. Thanks to them, unique products for aesthetic and technical characteristics are created.

Use of quality materials

In European furniture, only solid wood and veneer from special types of wood are used, high-quality MDF. These materials, combined with high-quality varnishes and stains, give the furniture durability. With proper care and room temperature, a modern piece of solid wood furniture can last more than half a century.

Quality fittings

Of course, elite and expensive furniture doesn’t spare without fittings from quality steel, as well as real brass, bronze or copper.

Unique style

The main feature of "Sagrande" is the possibility of developing a unique design for the client. For this, a designer is involved in the work - he visits the customer's house, carefully studies his wishes and considerations and analyzes the interior. Further, the designer, knowing our technical capabilities, develops a sketch and a design of furniture. The price of such a service is higher than the creation of furniture products for already ready projects, but the customer can have no doubts that there is no place in the world with the same furniture. The product will be 100% unique and suitable for the interior of the room.