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The furniture factory SAGRANDE mobile was established in the year 1996. From the beginning, we have been producing furniture for leaders of the furniture market. Italian colleagues all the time oversee our work and give pieces of advice for the creation of all projects, whether it is a new technology of painting or the creation of new facade. In the process of working for some years came the understanding that our opportunities and ideas outstrip our competitors. That provided the momentum to the creation of our own brand - SAGRANDE mobili.

We learn new tendency of the Global furniture industry and the introduction of new technology with the use of German and Italian equipment. We work only with valuable wood.

Variety of finishes and decoration elements are handmade work and veneered elements help us to create that image product, which satisfies the most demanding requests of customers.

We carefully and explicitly work on every project, offering something new for a customer as for oneself. Every new project is new and unique history.

Cooperation with large manufacturers of furniture fittings like Blum, BRASS, MARKESS, Hettech, MAKMART gives reliable, rational and comfortable use of our products. We constantly expand our assortment proving that our opportunities are unlimited.